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Function, duties


I. Functions

The Graduate School is a unit with the function of advising the Rector on development strategy, management and graduate training; organize the development and management of postgraduate training programs in the training majors of the University.

II. Duties and powers

  1.   Standing on the Graduate Admission Council, proposing enrollment quotas, enrollment plans, enrollment announcements, receiving graduate enrollment applications for approved disciplines and training levels;
  2.   Planning, organizing, implementing and supervising the teaching, learning and research by semester and academic year for graduate level; setting up a course schedule, directly planning to assign postgraduate teaching to lecturers; make a book to monitor the teaching of lecturers and students' learning; informing teaching plans and tasks to Faculties/Departments and lecturers;
  3.   Manage and keep records of students, graduate students, entrance exam scores, transcripts of courses of students and graduate students according to regulations;
  4.   Organize the inspection and evaluation of the progress of planning and implementation of theses and theses of master students and graduate students; coordinate with specialized faculties to organize professional activities for graduate students and doctoral students;
  5.   Proposing the establishment of councils to evaluate the training process of graduate students and graduate students in accordance with the regulations on postgraduate training and organize the defense of master's and doctoral theses according to regulations;
  6.   The focal point to coordinate with the Faculty/Department of specialized disciplines to develop training programs for graduate and doctoral programs, as well as a system of textbooks and study materials;
  7.   Organize the management and grant of diplomas and academic transcripts to graduate students and doctoral students according to the current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the University's regulations;
  8.   To develop joint training and postgraduate training with banks, domestic and foreign institutes and universities; expanding foreign relations on postgraduate training according to regulations; organize study and issue certificates for postgraduate training classes;
  9.   Develop a plan to supplement facilities, develop teaching materials, serve training and research; carry out the synthesis of postgraduate training activities, make statistics and timely reports at the request of superiors and the University;
  10.  Provide the list of eligible candidates for the exam, coordinate with the Examination and Quality Assurance Department in organizing the final exam;
  11.  To take the main responsibility in formulating, amending and supplementing academic regulations and regulations related to students and graduate students according to current regulations;
  12.  Coordinating with Admissions Consulting and Brand Development Department in recruitment consulting and communication;
  13.  Coordinate with the Department of Testing and Quality Assurance in quality assurance work;
  14.  Coordinating with specialized faculties, Admissions Consulting and Brand Development Department to build a project to open the industry and make a plan to develop the training level and graduate training in the direction of standardization in quality;
  15.  Coordinating with the Banking Science and Technology Research Institute in managing scientific research activities of graduate students and graduate students;
  16.  Coordinating with Faculties/Departments to organize seminars associated with the scientific research content of PhD students;
  17.  Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.




    Ground floor, 36 Tôn Thất Đạm Street, Dictrst 01, HCM city

    (028) 38.212.590


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