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General introduction

General information

Current name: Faculty of Postgraduate education

Faculty's email: Khoasaudaihoc@hub.edu.vn

Khoa's website: http://khoasdh.hub.edu.vn

Phone :

The process of formation and development:

Established in 1998, when it was newly established, it was named: Department of Scientific Management and Postgraduate Training; 2003: changed its name to Graduate School; By 2014: changed its name to Postgraduate Training Department according to Decision No. 330/QD-NHNN dated February 26, 2014 of the Governor of the State Bank. From August 2018 to now, the Faculty has been named Graduate Faculty on the basis of Decision No. 1650/QD-NHNN dated August 20, 2018 of the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam.


The Faculity of Postgraduate education is a unit under Ho Chi Minh University of Banking.


Advise the Rector on development strategy, management work and graduate training; organize the development and management of postgraduate training programs in the training majors of the University.

Duties and powers

1. Coordinating with the Admissions Advisory Department and Brand Development in recruitment consulting and communication;

2. Coordinating with the Department of Testing and Quality Assurance in quality assurance work;

3. Coordinating with specialized faculties and the Admissions and Branding Consulting Department to develop a project to open the major and make a plan to develop the training level and graduate training in the direction of standardization in terms of quality.

4. Cooperate with the Banking Science and Technology Research Institute in managing scientific research activities of graduate students and graduate students.

5. Coordinating with specialized Faculties/Departments to develop training programs for graduate and doctoral programs, as well as a system of textbooks and learning materials.

6. Participating in the Graduate Admission Council, proposing and implementing enrollment quotas, announcing enrollment, receiving graduate enrollment applications in approved disciplines and training levels.

7. Plan and supervise the teaching, learning and research by semester and academic year for graduate level; set up the course schedule, directly plan the assignment, submit it to the Rector, and assign graduate lectures to the lecturers; make a book to monitor the teaching of lecturers and students' learning; informing the teaching plans and tasks to the faculties, subjects and subject lecturers.

8. Coordinating with Faculties and Departments to organize seminars associated with the content of the PhD student's scientific research.

9. Manage and store student and PhD student files, entrance exam scores, course transcripts of students and graduate students according to regulations.

10. Organize the inspection and assessment of the progress of the implementation of the plan and implementation of theses and theses of master students and graduate students; cooperate with specialized faculties to organize professional activities for graduate students and doctoral students.

11. Advise the Rector to establish councils to evaluate the training process of graduate students and graduate students in accordance with the graduate training regulations and organize the defense of master's and doctoral theses according to regulations. determined.

12. Organize management and grant diplomas, academic transcripts to graduate students and graduate students according to current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and regulations of the University.

13. To develop joint training and postgraduate training with banks, domestic and foreign institutes and universities; expanding foreign relations on postgraduate training as prescribed, organizing classes and granting certificates for graduate training classes.

14. Develop a plan to supplement facilities, develop teaching materials, serve training and research; perform the synthesis of postgraduate training activities, make statistics and timely reports at the request of superiors and the University.

15. Provide a list of eligible candidates, coordinate with the Department of Examination and Quality Assurance in organizing the final exam.

16. Take the main responsibility in advising on the development, amendment and supplementation of academic regulations and regulations related to students and graduate students according to current regulations.

17. Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.

The Faculty's staff currently has:

  • Dr. Le Dinh Hac (Dean of Faculty)
  • Dr. Phung Van Ung (Deputy Dean of Faculty)

and 05 experts:

  • MSc. Tran Huu Thuan,
  • MSc. Vu Thi Thu Ha,
  • MSc. Le Phan Thanh Hiep,
  • MSc. Cao Ngoc Van,
  • CN. Dang Thi Thuy Linh.

- Training results: Up to now, the Faculty has trained 23 Master and Doctoral courses, with a total of more than 3,000 Masters and 100 PhD graduates.

Training instructors:

Up to now, the current permanent teaching staff: 15 Associate Professors, 80 Ph. In addition, the University also cooperates with more than 150 scientists with doctorate degrees or higher to support teaching and research.

Training model:

Training in the direction of concentration and formality.

Main fields of training:

  • Master: includes 3 majors: Banking and Finance, Business Administration and Economic Law
  • Doctor of Banking and Finance and Doctor of Business Administration

Training goals:

The Master of Business Administration program helps students master modern business administration theory, improve their practice skills, be able to work independently, be creative and have the ability to discover, solve problems in the field of training.

The Master of Banking and Finance training program helps students master advanced and modern knowledge about finance - banking; capable of detecting and solving contemporary problems in the field of finance - banking; capable of independent research at a high level in the field of Banking and Finance.

Doctoral training program in NH Finance: provides PhD students (NSCs) with in-depth knowledge in the field of economics - finance - banking at macro and micro level, equipping PhD students with knowledge knowledge about innovation trends in modern economic schools, and the application of new economic schools in the administration of the Government's economic management policy, the monetary policy of the Central Bank. NCS will approach the theoretical foundations of banking supervision, systemic risk in banking, financial innovations (underground banking and fintech).

Doctor of Business Administration Program

Regional link:

Banking University City. Ho Chi Minh City has the following joint training programs at Master's and Doctoral levels:

  • Joint training program for the doctoral degree in Finance - Banking with the University of Bolton, UK.
  • Joint training program for Master of Finance - Banking with the Northwestern University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland.
  • Joint training program offering Master of Business Administration in English, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Accounting in English with the University of Bolton, UK.
  • In addition, Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City also actively participates in the ASEAN Academic Networking Community (ALNC), participates in the Social Entrepreneurship for Economic Development (SEED) program, and exchanges students with other universities. foreign partner schools as well as starting to accept international students from other countries.


  • In 2019, the Faculity of Postgraduate education had a scholarship to attend SEED of the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) in collaboration with the Southeast Asian Learning Network (ALN) and Johor State Government, Malaysia for 01 graduate student of Course 20 majoring in Banking and Finance. Time to study, participate in seminars from 24/7 to 5/8.

Information about each industry:

  • Master's degree includes 03 majors.
    • Banking and Finance: Sector code: 8 34 02 01; form of training: Concentration; Training period: 24 months.
    • Business Administration: Sector code: 8 34 01 01; form of training: Concentration; Training period: 24 months.
    • Economic Law: Sector code: 8 38 01 07; form of training: Concentration; Training period: 24 months.
  • Doctorate in Banking and Finance: Code: 9 34 02 01; form of training: Concentration; Training period: 36 months.
  • Doctor of Business Administration: Code:9 34 01 01; form of training: Concentration; Training period: 36 months




    Ground floor, 36 Tôn Thất Đạm Street, Dictrst 01, HCM city

    (028) 38.212.590


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